Jennifer, Nurse, Depression and Anxiety


Kristen and homeopathy have truly increased my quality of life! As a nurse I was skeptical that homeopathy could help with some physical issues as well as significant anxiety that was debilitating at times. Kristen's remedy resolved most of the issues with just three doses. I am thrilled to have resolution without the need of daily medications! I have referred several family members to her and look forward to hearing of their experiences.  

Kim, Mother, Premenstrual Anger and Irritability

Healing through homeopathic medicine has helped me tremendously. 

I have been very fortunate to be under Kristen's care for some time now. Every issue that I have brought to her she has developed a very successful treatment plan for me. Kristen was extremely thorough in her line of questioning to unearth the root of my problem and really took the time to listen to my responses. She is very professional, genuine and cares about her patients to go the extra mile. She is not only someone that I will continue to see for me personally but also for my entire family. I cannot say enough about my experience with Kristen!

Melissa,  Sales, Depression and Anxiety

 I have struggled with depression and anxiety since college and had been on every medication on the market with minimal relief.  Although I would find some relief with prescription medication I would gain a lot of weight and feel more depressed than when I started the medication. I was so frustrated and I honestly believed this was my cross to bear and I would never feel better.  


I met with Kristen and she spent a great deal of time discussing all aspects of my health and diet.  She recommended some nutrition and supplement changes and I was a bit skeptical that they would do anything to help. Within a few months my depression was all but gone and my anxiety went from severe daily to minimal on occasion. I am happy to say that I still feel great a year later with no medication.


Kristen is extremely thorough and conscientious. She goes out of her way to be available to me and always follows up to see how I am doing.  I was so impressed with how I was feeling I take my teenage daughter to see her as well.

I can't say enough good things about Kristen.  Her knowledge and dedication are beyond impressive.  I highly recommend Kristen! 

Elizabeth, Accountant, Insomnia  and Heavy periods due to fibroids

Insomnia (First Consulation 2011)
I have known Kristen Santangelo for over 7 years.  She is a compassionate and caring person and has always been very enthusiastic about using nutrition, health and natural medicine.  I was struggling with sleep issues for many months.  Every day was becoming a struggle due to the lack of being well rested.  Kristen suggested we talk and offered her help.  She is very knowledgeable and really listened to me and asked all the right questions as we discussed my medical history and sleep issues.  After a couple of meetings and adjustments to the dosage of the remedy, my sleep has greatly improved.  
Menstrual flooding at menopause due to fibroids (Second consultation 2017)
I started seeing Kristen in hopes to avoid surgery.  I was having issues with the onset of menopause and irregular and heavy periods.  This caused unmanageable pain, aggravation and mood swings. Surgery was not a necessity but was an option to improve quality of life.  I did not want to go the surgery route and was looking for alternative help.  Kristen made that happen with her time and a series of different remedies.  I slowly started to feel so much better in all aspects.  I am very pleased!  No surgery.  Thank you Kristen!!

Anne,  writing about her son Jeffrey, Frequent Ear Infections

I took my son to see Kristen for a recurring ear infection. He is 18 months old and was on his fourth infection, had been given an antibiotic the last two times and I wanted to go in another direction. We met for a couple of hours and she was extremely thorough, asking many questions and taking the time to understand him. She was very warm, thoughtful, and really seemed to have a very deep understanding of Homeopathic remedies. 

After trying the remedy his illness cleared up within 24 hours.

Kristen checked in to see if it worked and has been amazing in regard to following up. He recently came down with a cold. Kristen suggested one of the remedies and within 24 hours his fever and mucus all but disappeared. It is a pretty amazing thing to witness and I am 100% sold. I would absolutely recommend her services. I give her an A+ and have been very pleased with the results we have gotten from working with her.



Melissa, Student, College Student Chronic Mononucleosis 

Ever since my junior year of high school I have had an issue staying awake and motivated throughout the day.  After sitting down and talking with Kristen she was able to help me balance my diet and regulate my vitamin and mineral intake so that I could naturally find more energy.  Within two weeks I felt noticeably more alert and able to efficiently start my day.  She is also incredibly helpful when I feel sick.  The homeopathic remedies and immune boosting supplements help me to get well within a day or so.  I highly recommend using these remedies because they are easy to take and produce amazing results.  Kristen has been so supportive and is always checking in to make sure the treatments are effective.  Any time I have an issue, no matter how small, I always feel like I am a priority, and she offers her skill and knowledge of homeopathic medicine in any way she can until I am better.  Not only do I consult with Kristen, but my entire family does as well.  We could not be any happier with the genuine compassion and enthusiasm that greets us at every appointment.

Debbie, Physicians Assistant and Mother, Morning Sickness

With my third pregnancy, I suffered with morning sickness from dawn till dusk. At 8 weeks it began affecting my day to day life. I had a hard time caring for my self and my family. Kristen and I met and reviewed the symptoms I was experiencing and she suggested a remedy for me to try. The next morning a took one tiny little tablet and within a day  was feeling human again. It was like a switch turned on and my light was back. The remainder of my pregnancy was a breeze! 

Debbie writing about her daughter, Jealousy and Regression after birth of a sibling

My 6 year old daughter really struggled with the birth of my third child. She was really becoming very clingy and needed constant affirmation of our love. She would tell me every 10 minutes that she loved me just to hear me say it back. While i was discussing my frustrations with Kristen, She began to describe a pattern of behavior that described my daughter to a tee. She suggested a remedy to try and with-in a day or so I began to see her calm and become less clingy. She was still her special sweet self just not as demanding of attention. I've needed to repeat the dose only one other time and it seemed to work in less time. She is doing so much better! Thank You Kristen!!


George, Retired Businessman, Severe Cat Allergy

When my father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer, his only question was, "Who will take care of Molly", his cat. As much a Molly meant to him, she meant more to my wit. Since I had severe cat allergies (throat closing when coming in contact with cats), I knew it was going to be a "tuff putt". After much research an prayer, I contacted traditional allergy doctors to know avail. Then I discovered Kristen, who was willing to make me a homeopathic remedy from Molly's hair. I drink a few drops in water each day and this has enabled me live Molly, I can feed, groom and play with her and my throat does not close. Kristen and her remedy have been a true miracle. Thank you Kristen!

Stacy, Interior Designer, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Anxiety

I highly recommend Kristen’s services. For the past 1-1/2 years I have relied on her expertise to help me start to conquer the physical and emotional struggles that I’ve battled with for decades. Prior to visiting Kristen, I had relied on traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions and counseling. I found that these options merely masked my symptoms and often resulted in unwanted side effects. As a last resort I decided to try homeopathy.


Kristen's remedy selection and professional advice have been the perfect complement to the healthy lifestyle changes and spiritual growth I’ve I been implementing. This past 1-1/2 years have been filled with a lot of soul-searching and re-evaluation of my priorities in life. Kristen gave me the tools to start making small but effective changes in my life. The process is ongoing, but I feel better than I have in years and I thank Kristen for helping me to develop a renewed sense of health, self-confidence and optimism.

Tara, Mother and Homemaker, Recurrent Yeast infections/ Candida

After having had problems with frequent yeast infections for nearly 10 years, I turned to homeopathy. I met Kristen who understood my body inside out. She suggested remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes since nine months back, I have been completely symptom free and feeling great. I am glad that I tried this alternative medical option and am grateful to Kristen and her work. 

Mandy, Teenage son experiencing anxiety

I brought my son to Kristen because he was feeling tired all the time and he had a feeling in his stomach were he never felt full, even after he ate. All of these issues also brought him anxiety. After Kristen spoke to my son she came to the conclusion that he had a allergy. She recommended some dietary changes and a remedy. Only after one visit with Kristen my son feels almost a hundred percent better. 

Amanda, Mother of 3 writing about her children's homeopathic care

Chronic cough with vomiting and frequent colds

Our oldest child used to have “episodes” of coughing at night which would keep him up for hours. The coughing would turn into vomiting and he would need the next day or two days to recover. This had occurred about once per month – more frequently during winter months. It was very disruptive to our family. After working with Kristen, he did not have an episode through the next 5 months. He seemed healthier during the winter, rarely getting colds and getting over sicknesses quicker. The remedy has helped him at other times, such as a time that he had a stomachache and a time that he had an eye irritation. The constitutional remedy has benefited him beyond anything I had expected.  



Our 5 year-old had developed 2 tics. One had been happening for about a year, and the second had been happening for a few months. Despite trying some holistic methods and a visit to our conventional doctor, we were not seeing any improvements. After working with Kristen, within one week of finding the correct remedy, the tics were gone by 98-99%! It was such a relief that there was help for our son. Months later, the tics have not returned. We are so grateful!



Our young daughter had struggled with a ringworm type of rash for many months. I could treat it using natural methods, but it would keep coming back. After working with Kristen and finding the correct remedy, the rash completely disappeared! It has been gone for months with no treatment or effort from me. I know that through homeopathy we have achieved a deeper healing. 

Michelle, Retired, Chronic Cluster Headaches and Grief 

I came to Kristen as many people might, as a last resort. Can I tell you that I should have seen her first and decades ago! I suffered from chronic cluster headaches for years, my most recent headache had lasted lasted for six months, I felt like I had a heavy hang over. The only solution was meds prescribed by my neurologist but, no more addictive chemicals for me. They were gone in a few days with the help of Kristen's knowledge of natural  solutions of both homeopathy and simple dietary changes. She also recognizing the

overwhelming amount of loss in my life that has left me with tremendous grief which allowed her to find the correct remedy for me.  I feel better and I am able to do things on a daily basis that I was not able to do before.   Thank you Kristen!

Irene, Retired, Inflamed Cyst

I had a cyst that was growing larger, painful and inflamed. Not wanting to take an antibiotic prescribed by a doctor because of it's many side effects, I contacted Kristen who patiently listened and offered an alternative protocol to reduce inflammation... After several weeks, the cyst is greatly reduced in size and is no longer inflamed. Thank you again Kristen...

Mary, Homemaker and mother, Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome

I have used homeopathy and natural medicine as my main form of medical care when I lived in Europe. I have since moved to America and wanted to address my Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) naturally.   The day before beginning homeopathy an ultrasound showed multiple cysts, a large complex cyst and a cluster of cysts affecting both ovaries, which were enlarged and painful. Kristen listened to my symptoms and selected a remedy and suggested some other diet, supplement and lifestyle changes for me. I began to have less pain over the next few days. Two months after beginning homeopathy the follow-up ultrasound showed that the complex cysts had drastically shrunk in size and the simple cysts had disappeared. The doctor discharged me from treatment for PCOS. One year later the cysts and the PCOS symptoms have not returned and I am feeling well.  I recommend Kristen to everybody and I am very grateful I have met her. Thank you, Kristen!

Samantha- Anxiety, Insomnia, Wellness

Kristen has provided homeopathic remedies that have benefited both body and soul, working to effect deep healing.  I first consulted Kristen for Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. She has provided a homeopathic support system that works beautifully with my prescription medication, and has also addressed chronic and persistent health issues that plagued me for years.  Kristen’s approach to health has opened me to a new, more vital self. She is a gifted and compassionate practitioner who listens, asks the right questions and gives her fullest attention, addressing every detail through an individually customized offering. Kristen has helped me to address issues others have not, and she is a true healer. I highly recommend Kristen, and am so thankful to have found her.

Alison, writing about her sons care for Eczema, Food allergies, Behavior issues

Kristen is a top professional and practitioner of homeopathy. I will be forever grateful to have been referred to Kristen. With incomparable skill and compassion in her field, she has supported and healed not only myself with health issues  but also my 21 month old son with ezcema, allergies and behavior issues that no conventional medicine has been able to help.  She always responds promptly to phone calls and  emails and is able to ease and treat the root cause of symptoms with patience and kindness. I can highly recommend her services to anybody who looks for real healing of body , mind and soul!

Charles, Teacher- Acid Reflux, Herpes

I have worked with two other homeopaths in southeastern PA and I have found Kristen to be not only more accurate in homeopathic selection but also more broad and holistic in her approach to health. I find Kristen´s style as a health professional to be direct, clear, and easy to understand. She has helped me with multiple health problems over the last years and I have recommended her to my close friends. I would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance with their health.

Elizabeth, teacher- Grief, plantar fasciitis, insomnia, menopause symptoms

I have used homeopathy my whole life. My parents were committed to homeopathy, and both spent significant time studying and practicing homeopathy. Because I grew up with homeopathy, I knew and used most common remedies for everyday injuries and ailments. In my 30´s I had a significant health challenge which brought me into conventional medical care. After much reflection, I elected to again follow homeopathy and treated what was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis with a constitutional remedy, working with a classical homeopathist in Connecticut. The course of my MS was successfully arrested and I regained all of my functions. The neurologist at the prestigious teaching hospital who first diagnosed me was stunned, as my prognosis had been dire.


Many happy years later, I went to Kristen for help with a health issue, having found her online. Knowing the power of homeopathy as well as I do, I was not surprised that Kristen was able to help me. I was surprised, though, to find someone of Kristen´s caliber consulting right in my neighborhood in Pennsylvania! 


Kristen is sympathetic, clear, easy to talk with and insightful. She is collaborative and inspired, a very skilled homeopath indeed. I unreservedly recommend Kristen, and homeopathy, to all who will seek health!



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