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Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a program designed to educate the immune system towards infectious disease. HP uses homeopathic remedies to gently stimulate immune response, so it learns to energetically recognize the infections agent. Using homeopathy prophylactically has been relied on since 1801 when Samuel Hahnemann used Homeopathic Belladonna to successfully prevent the spread of a scarlet fever during an epidemic. Since then HP has been used by homeopaths to successfully prevent the spread of disease during past epidemics of cholera, diphtheria, polio and small pox. HP has also used by governments around the world to prevent contagious disease including Meningitis (Brazil), Japanese encephalitis (India) and Leptospirosis (Cuba). 


A 15 year study conducted by Issac Golden in Australia found that children who went through a similar HP program were healthier overall; they had significantly less eczema, allergies, asthma and behavioral conditions. Golden's study showed during the study 20% of children had exposure to a disease in the program and that 90% of those children did not come down with the symptoms of the disease. For more information read: The Solution- Homeoprophylaxis by Kate Birch, available on Amazon in book or Kindle format. Kristen is certified in HP through Free and Healthy Children International. More information can be found on their website at

  • 44 month long parent administered program supervised and supported by a certified homeopathic supervisor.

  • Easily administered monthly at home.

  • Remedies are made in Homeopathic pharmacies overseen by HPUS, a branch of the FDA.

  • First Child- $200 supervision (4 years program length)

  • Membership in FHCI- $45, $15 program fee

  • Additional children - $100 each additional child

  • HP remedy kit- $147 plus shipping (approx. $13)

  • Booklets - $13.20 each child

  • One child total cost- $433.20

  • Two children total cost- $546.40

  • Three children total cost- $659.60 

  • Four children total cost- $772.80

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